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Just posting a memory. 1 month until the LA Auto Show!

Just posting a memory. 1 month until the LA Auto Show!

"Urban Mixed Beauty"

"Urban Mixed Beauty"

"Where Water Meets Air"

"Where Water Meets Air"

Mon Amour aka The First Kiss


I could say it in every language and it would still not be enough to tell you just how beautiful you are.
The Way light cascades over your beautiful skin, glacing off at the right angles, directing me to your gemstone like eyes,
glittering like a perfectly cut diamond, allowing me to see into your soul and all of its joy.

I follow the light futher down to your lips.
They look as soft as a hundred rose petals freshly pulled from a rose,
and captured in one place, that perfect place, that only one person can enjoy in a single moment.
A moment that I only wish could last forever.

I notice a slight shadow, but as you lean back your head I see it is only your hair, slipping back gracefully away.
Its motion, like silk curtains being blown back by a gracefull breeze, fall away with slight whispers,
telling me, “You are welcome to come closer.”

I lean in and pause
listening to the sounds of your breathing.
It sounds of s subtle wave pullling back from the beach,
and comes rolling back as a moan escapes your lips,
giving me a hint of desire that could cause the great wall of China collapse,

I lean foward and evade the lips who call my name,
and dive to your ear and whisper,
"Mon Amour"

then I shift my head back up and dive into your lips
as a feeling of water and electricity drives down my spine;
the way lighting stikes a post upon the Empire State Building.

by Drew Philips

"American; pushing forward"

"American; pushing forward"

"Light in the Darkness"

"Light in the Darkness"

"Steps to Summer"

"Steps to Summer"

Loss of Communication

The world is made up of constants and change
Standards are are coming and going,
in sight, yet just out of range
but there is a problem,
and it has become more and more steadily clear
and if not dealt with,
may just ruin the world I fear.

What is the problem, you ask
so that you can step up and take on the task
it is a sad thing to say that the problem that has been in motion
has been a slowly dissolving idea of communication

People not talking as much as they could
when they know that they really should
with more and more things unsaid, there is more miss-understood
and more secrets that is hid away in darkness like old rotten wood

with more that can be hidden and recreated
or just simply emulated
the art of communication is falling apart
and it seems like there is no chance of receiving a restart.

but where is the core of the problem?
how can we find the loose ends that are fraying and solve them?
you could start as MJ said “with the man in the mirror”
maybe then you could see the problem clearer
but this isn’t just about looking at you
if it was that simple, I wouldn’t have brought at all┬áthe task is hard to do

It is harder because it requires being a little bit more open with everyone
or maybe be a little bit more honest to a certain someone,
close your eyes and decide
will you follow the world or commit social “suicide”
and leave the path that everyone else has chosen to follow
and follow a life that may be a little tougher to swallow
at first
cuz it may feel like you are suddenly cursed

Slowly though, your would will change,
and although some may view your choice as strange
but the ones that truly care
will choose to remain there
and will come closer to you
because they see you as trustworthy and true

Cut the wires,
stop trying to connect to masks and actors
and find real people
stop thinking that you are the only factor
In a world that is so focused on self
(come on now, all these selfies,
what’s more selfish then that?)
Help reroute away from the internet
and cut away that fat

Stop looking down so much at that screen
where things are depectided as so perfect and clean
and yet are talked about by people who act like teens when they are thirty
saying stuff that is obscene
and many times just straight mean.
and say hello to that person looking down too
it only takes that word to start a conversion
(Yeah I said it, its a type of communication)
The results………. may just surprise you.

-By Drew Philips


Here’s yet another poem for ya’ll. This one, not so lovey dovey, but instead written to make you think. This was as always, written by yours truly.

Why do they do it
Why must they have someone else to blame in a fit
When they have a problem with how something works
and how it randomly has problems, like twitches or twerks
their first thought is someone else caused this
and that blame is usually hit and miss.

but the problem seems to go beyond that
where its simply just a one on one spat
instead a choice
caused by that one irritated voice
results in the problem truley getting out of hand
when the person chooses to turn it into slander,
instead taking it down to land
why dont we just pause a moment and take a gander
at some situations,
and some repeatable lamentations

a person has a problem with how another acts
now instead of talking to him or her and showing the facts
they whisper about it and ruin that person’s reputation
before that person can take the steps towards reformation
what starts as something seeming so sly
results in another getting left out to dry

The complaints and words don’t get to the place
and instead seem to get lost in space,
as people viciously rip each other apart
they are stripped down till they’re bare, in the heart
because little bit of vengeance is just not enough
and because forgiveness is apparently that tough

Why do people want so much blood
they don’t just want a cut, they want a flood
there is instead destruction
that causes breaks in the function
Will you choose to be that person that creates a pain that gets out of hand
or will you stop, forgive, and bury that hate deep in the sand

and when I say to bury it
I don’t mean hide it
I mean truly kill it and forgive
so that you both can live.

"The Wanted Man"

"The Wanted Man"